Not Just Tourists- Plus que touristes

Our groups are run entirely by volunteers who come from all walks of life. Please contact us to discuss how you can be part of our project.

Volunteer tasks include

  • picking up donations of medicines and suitcases
  • sorting medicines
  • maintaining records
  • responding to calls and e-mail messages
  • packing suitcases
  • meeting tourists
  • speaking to groups
  • delivering outreach materials
  • writing communications materials
  • fundraising
  • and many others

There is a task that suits your time and talents. You do not need medical training to participate. Any tasks done with the medicine (for example, sorting and packing the medicine and supplies) is done under the supervision of medically-trained professional volunteers.

To volunteer, please see our Contact Us page for the NJT group nearest you.


Take a Suitcase
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