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Take Medical Supplies 

We rely on travellers to transport suitcases to medical professionals in countries in need. Travellers include tourists, medical missions, faith missions, community developers, and business travellers.

One suitcase is sent with each volunteer tourist or business traveller. The suitcase is delivered by the traveller or picked up by the intended recipient.

For some destination countries, copies of a letter signed by a Canadian doctor are included in each suitcase advising customs officials that the traveler is transporting the medicine to a medical practitioner in the country of destination (This practice conforms to both Canadian and customs regulations of most countries to which Not Just Tourists delivers aid).

Want to Take Medical Supplies on Your Next Trip?

Here are two photos of what kind of items go in a suitcase-sized medical kit.

A general photo

A detailed photo

Here's a photo that shows the details of what we include: Detailed photo in PDF (this opens in a new window).

Suitcase Too Big?

If a suitcase of medicine and supplies is too much for you to take, you can take a plastic bag of medicine. These can fit into your suitcase, or into a backpack.

How Do I Get One?

If you want to take supplies to a country in need, visit the Take Supplies section of the web site.



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Take Medical Supplies