Not Just Tourists- Plus que touristes

There are several Not Just Tourists (NJT) projects in Canada that operate on an independent basis. Each subscribes to a Statement of Common Principles.

We are all non-political, not-for-profit projects, patterned after the original Not Just Tourists group in St. Catharines (Niagara).

NJT collects donations of surplus medicines and supplies for use in countries in need. All NJT groups are completely managed and run by volunteers. There are no offices and minimal overhead and related expenses.

A country clinic typical of where NJT medical aid is delivered

Canadians travelling on business or vacation deliver these much-needed supplies to medical facilities at their travel destinations.

People can deliver a suitcase of medicine and supplies, or they can deliver a knapsack or even a plastic bag full of materials. We have different bag sizes to accommodate different types of travellers, trips, and destinations. To see sample suitcases and bags, go to the Take Medical Supplies page.

To see photos of medicine and supplies being delivered, go to Photos: Deliveries and What You Can Do: Photos.

Update on Activities for Not Just Tourists


If you are travelling to the Dominican Republic, please contact your tour package operator about arrangements they may have to send suitcases of medical supplies into Haiti.

Travellers' Stories

All letters are reproduced with the permission of the authors.

From Cuba

We are back from our trip to Veradero, what an amazing experience it turned out to be! We knew we were doing something good for the Cuban people, but we never imagined how truly appreciative the doctors were to your generosity and our ability to bring the medical supplies into their country. They actually called all the doctors and support workers to come and see us, to each express their thanks and explain how this aid could not have come at a better time!

Their clinic supports 22 organizations in and around Cardenas and they would ensure that the supplies would be distributed to the areas in most need.

The whole experience was so moving for us. I couldn't help feel like we should have brought more!

Thank you so much for the work that you do, without your generosity this would not have been possible, and we were glad to be a part of it.

Submitted by Tracey and Jason Major

From India

On delivering a suitcase to Mother Teresas hospice in Kolkata (Calcutta):

Here are a couple of photos of the delivery day in Kolkata. The Mother Superior did not want to have her photo taken. It was truly an honour and my pleasure to do this delivery. I'm very proud to be a small part of this organisation.

Submitted by Diane C.

From Syria

Jacques, Brigit and wonderful people at NJT,

Here the photos of our last weekend endeavour.

As I told Jacques, this medical relief container (3rd within the last 12 months) took 26 hours to loadup. There were a min of 3 people to a max of 11 at any point in time. Rain on Saturday was a challenge, but I guess we managed at the end.

This container will go a long way to relieve suffering.

THANK YOU ALL for making this happen. It wouldn't have happened without your endless support.

Submitted by Safa

From Lebanon

The trip to Lebanon was an eye opener. When I delivered the med supplies to the local people there, they took me to visit a humble apartment where I met several patients from Syria. They had wounds to head /eye / stomach. Saw some with faulty catheters for urine drainage from the side hip,etc. Stuff that I cannot forget. The picture of suffering was so overwhelming and beyond what I had ever read or expected.

The persons there wanted me to pass to NJT (and specifically to Brigit) a warm and deep THANK YOU for the supplies. They were touched to learn that fellow humans half way across the globe care.

When they heard that we shipped containers to Turkey over the past year or so, they insisted that we need to consider sending them a container as well as the demand is very high.

Thank Jacques and Brigit. Your help is going long ways to reduce human sufferings miles away.

Submited by Tarif

Photo used with permission from Brigit Nagy




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