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There are several Not Just Tourists (NJT) projects in Canada that operate on an independent basis. Each subscribes to a Statement of Common Principles.

We are all non-political, not-for-profit projects, patterned after the original Not Just Tourists group in St. Catharines (Niagara).

NJT collects donations of surplus medicines and supplies for use in countries in need. All NJT groups are completely managed and run by volunteers. There are no offices and minimal overhead and related expenses.

A country clinic typical of where NJT medical aid is delivered

Canadians travelling on business or vacation deliver these much-needed supplies to medical facilities at their travel destinations.

People can deliver a suitcase of medicine and supplies, or they can deliver a knapsack or even a plastic bag full of materials. We have different bag sizes to accommodate different types of travellers, trips, and destinations. To see sample suitcases and bags, go to the Take Medical Supplies page.

To see photos of medicine and supplies being delivered, go to Photos: Deliveries and What You Can Do: Photos.

Update on Activities for Not Just Tourists


If you are travelling to the Dominican Republic, please contact your tour package operator about arrangements they may have to send suitcases of medical supplies into Haiti.

Travellers' Stories

All letters are reproduced with the permission of the authors.

From Mexico

Today, along with Scarlett and my friend Kay, we delivered the 10.5 kg suitcase chock full of medical supplies. Needless to say, Hermana Aurelia was delighted by the vast number of donations. She was particularly pleased with the syringes for her diabetic residents.

It was quite a joy to see the smiles on the faces as we shared your goodwill this morning.

Submitted by Sharon

From Ethiopia

CAN GO AFAR is just back from the Afar region of Ethiopia where we had a most successful trip. All the supplies were received with gratitude and were all most welcome. The materials that we bring them saves them so much in their budget and allows them to put the monies that would otherwise be spent on some of these necessities into other much needed uses.

As you can see we are at the small maternity hospital which does an incredible job at reducing maternal and newborn mortality rates amongst the Afar people which is ridiculously high due to many factors. I spent a week here helping out in the ward and in the O.R. so I am fully aware how groups such as NJT are so important.

Nothing is wasted here and much is created and adapted so that it can be used. For all your effort here on this side of the planet in enabling these supplies to reach some extraordinary and needy places we THANK you and your team.

Submitted by Joan


From Cuba

When we got to Santa Clara, our hosts at the casa particular made contact with the General Hospital, which has a great cancer treatment program. So we took the two suitcases there. They took inventory of every item, assigning them to different departments in the hospital. At one point, this nurse from the oncology department came in and took time to chat with me as she noticed I was in treatment myself. This was a nice and warm encounter for me.

One of the items she was particularly pleased with is a roll of stretching bandages that you can cut a piece from and stretch over someone’s body like after a breast surgery. Also any type of bandages that you can see through. In general they were very happy and thankful for all that you sent

Thanks to your organization for providing Marguerite and I with this opportunity to be of service to our Cuban folks.

Submitted by Johanne

From Syria


I would like to express my gratitude and heart warmth thanks to you and team of Not Just Tourists for your continuance contributions and your support in collecting and helping to send medical supplies to help the suffering people inside Syria.

On June 6th, I had the opportunity to stop over in Toronto to pick up two suitcases of emergency medical aid to Syria. I took the risk to deliver them to the city of Aleppo.

You can't imagine how joyful the local medical staff were upon receiving the desperately needed medical supplies, amid daily bloody bombardment. The supplies were put for used directly into the emergency room.

Thanks for your help. It gave them hope to continue racing 24/7 to save lives and ease the suffering of people.

As a Canadian, I am proud of your contribution that shows how Canadian people do care and will always be respected for their honorable humanitarian role in this global village.

Submitted by Riam


Photo used with permission from Brigit Nagy




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